Ann and Richard’s Farewell to Europe Tour June – Sept 2015

Dear all

Welcome to our blog which will keep you in touch with where we are up to on this journey.

8 Responses to Ann and Richard’s Farewell to Europe Tour June – Sept 2015

  1. Geoff Leunig says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Were you in Syntagma Square with those thousands of others yesterday?

    • raprideaux says:

      Plaka Hotel about 500metres away; each time we come back from a tour the bus gets into difficulty dropping folk off but apart that inconvenience no real hassle; Greeks can only withdraw 40 Euro each day but there is no barrier for tourists. The discussion is lively but so far not violent.

      Cheers Richard and Ann

  2. Greg Davies says:

    Hope your stay in Athens was not complicated by all the issues re the default on finances. Any pix yet?

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Richard
    One of my favourite locations Bury St Edmunds whilst in the area are you planning a visit to Ely Cathedral and visit Cromwell’s home close by…have a read of Cromwell’s prayers in the upper room.
    blessings Mike

    • raprideaux says:

      Hi Mike good to hear from you again. We love this area also We did Ely and Cromwell’s house last time we were here. Ely has always been one of my favourite cathedrals with its amazing painted ceiling. Cromwell gets a bad press in England. He did so much to create a true parliament and introduce so many reforms. I would like to read more about him.
      Love to Margaret hope things are going well for you both.
      cheers Richard

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Richard
    The weather must be holding up for you ,you are still in shorts and moving up to Margaret’s part of the world, Durham.Margaret’s family are just 12 miles from Durham and I remember climbing up
    onto Durham Cathedral roof once ,all those steps but what a reward of the view from the roof top,plus I didn’t know I had jelly legs until then.Hexham has a great Church one I liked and felt at home in.On returning home I think there is a book to be written following your journey…as its been a real pleasure to read about your daily adventure’s and places of visit.
    Take care and continue on your journey of exploration with all of Gods Blessings to you both,Mike

    • raprideaux says:

      Hi Mike always good to know someone is reading the blog. Yes the weather is holding up ….cool wind from Iceland occasionally but otherwise quite mild. I do enjoy wearing shorts! Concur entirely re Durham. I think of all the cathedrals I have visited Durham is the favourite. It is so mighty on its hill and so many wonderful people worked and worshipped there…Bede, J B lightfoot, Westcott, James Dunn, and now even N T Wright! We are not visiting Durham this time but it is a special place for me. Not sure about a book…most of my observations and descriptions are probably not textbook accurate. I just need to remind myself of the wondrous places we have visited. It has been an extraordinary privilege to have this trip and the long service leave.Good to hear you and Margaret got some time away. Life does get busy. I feel more refreshed than I have for a long time and it has been good to be away from school and all its responsibilities. I think I am ready to return now although it will be sad to leave England.
      Warm regards


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