Richard Prideaux has spent his life thus far in education..as a student, a school teacher, a headmaster and a chaplain. He is currently the part -time senior chaplain at Newhaven College on beautiful Phillip Island in Victoria Australia. He has degrees from Melbourne University (BA majoring in  English and Biogeography); Monash University (Dip Ed);  London University ( BD 2nd class hons, upper division); Australian College of Theology (Thl, 1st class hons); and La Trobe University (MA by thesis: “The Place of the Epistle of James in the Growth of the Primitive Church” supervised by Dr John Painter).  He is the co-author of “Science and Faith: What is the Problem” with the late Dr Anthony Pepper. Richard is passionate about his gorgeous wife Ann, their two children and six grand children.  His interests include a lifelong study of Biblical Greek and Hebrew,  European and Asian Art, Ancient, Mediaeval, Gothic and Romanesque architecture, English literature, the history and philosophy of science, the theology of Romans, travel, philately and collecting 1930’s-60’s die-cast Dinky Toy model cars. He longs for God’s peace, justice and love to reign in this world as folk of every nation come to know and love the living God of all creation.

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  1. Leon J Lyell says:

    Hi Richard, I was a Seaford CEB and a server at St Silas back in the 60s. I’m interested in history – and alliteration. I took part in some events at the Frankston CEBS camp and imagine that’s where I met you. I’d like to reconnect and ask what you might remember of the people and events connected with St Silas. Later I was a student then an employee of La Trobe and John Painter was an examiner for my honours thesis. Cheers – Leon

    • raprideaux says:

      Hi Leon, good to hear from you. I lived at the CEBS Camp where my father Dick Prideaux was Warden for about 13 years before moving to Carlton for uni studies. I went to at least one service at St Silas S.Seaford and my still friend Greg Davies lived close by. Dad ran or started CEBS groups at the Camp, St Paul’s Frankston, St Luke’s Frankston and St Silas..an amazing effort when I look back on it on top of the pressure of running the camp. I recall we formed a CEBS basketball team and he drove us into South Melbourne every Saturday night in the season to play

      • Leon J Lyell says:

        Hi Richard, Thanks for writing. Would you be able to put me in contact with Greg, please? I last bumped into him ‘some time ago’ when he attended a science teachers conference at La Trobe. He’ll remember many of the St Silas people; my memory has snippets – Albert Church, of course, then Bruce [surname?] Penninsual School chaplain, Eric [?] Jones genuine Welshman and choirmaster, [?] Strickland, an older minister, [?] Stanley, I think he was a lay preacher and drove a Cortina! I remember some of the congregation – Hoskings, Palmer, Nichols and a Yorkshire woman who spoke to my mother in French and Hindi. Norman Rae made a big impression. A relative of his wrote an article about his life with the missing piece being St Silas. I’d like to write an article on the history of St Silas. It seems little has survived either in writing and nothing (so far) in photographs. Cheers – Leon

  2. Leon J Lyell says:

    Hi Richard,
    Just checking in to ask if you were able to pass Greg my contact details. It would be great to connect with him if possible. Thanks and best wishes – Leon

  3. raprideaux says:

    Hi Leon I thought I had replied. Obviously my tech skills are lacking. Greg’s mobile is 0408 393 164. Greg married Suzie Church so they should remember a fair bit about St Silas. My mobile is 0418515336 if you need any further info.

    Cheers Richard

    • Leon J Lyell says:

      Thanks very much, Richard, No worries – I’ve done worse with technology (or vice versa). Sounds like they will have an excellent idea of things and it will be great to reconnect. Today I put an item on my blog by a relative of Norman Rae’s. The main thing he didn’t know about was St Silas.

  4. Leon J Lyell says:

    Hi Richard, I thought you may find this of interest. I’m hoping to catch up with Greg in the near future. Cheers – Leon

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