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Books read June 2017

June 2017: William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Amazingly contemporary play with its gender twisting characters (Viola …in Shakespeare’s time a boy playing a woman pretending to be a man!) and speaking into current gender theory and queer theory semiotics.  Seen in … Continue reading

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Quotations from Manning Clark: “Puzzles of Childhood: His Early Life.”

John Masefield: The three great comforters: art, alcohol, religion Charles KIngsley: the opium of the people Rabelais: le grand peut-être = the great maybe Mozart: wrote The Magic Flute and The Requiem in the same year Heraclitus: To God all … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about the battle for the Bible, the inerrancy debate and the claim of some that the Bible was “given” to the Church and its contents “decided by” the Church….from Karl Barth: Church Dogmatics, volume 1.1 pp 99-101 and from little old me in my study!

2. THE WORD OF GOD WRITTEN.  (p99) …Church proclamation must be ventured in recollection of past revelation and in expectation of coming revelation. The basis of expectation is obviously identical here with the object of recollection. Hoping for what we … Continue reading

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Some gems from Kenneth Clark, “Civilization”

  Some gems from Kenneth Clark,  Civilisation, London, The Folio Society, 1999.   p.13:   Ruskin: Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts,  the book of their deeds, the book of their words and the book of their art. Not … Continue reading

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